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Who are we?
ADiBuys is an agent that helps you easy to purchase stuff from chinese online stores such as 1688, Taobao, Tmall, etc. It also offers connections to world-class logistics companies. Such as FedEx, DHL, China Post, Cargo Line, etc. This service is to deliver Chinese goods to customers' hands around the world.
Our various services
Purchase service
Payment service
Products basic inspection service
Parcel photography service
Delivery service
Support dropshipping service
Connect leading
shopping platform
Ordering is easy. there is system to connect with
the 1688, Taobao,TMall,JD,PDD Platform.
Leading Logistics
ADiBuys will make it easy to export Chinese products to foreign countries.
Why start dropshipping from China
This is the main reason why many dropshippers choose to do so from China. The product cost is far cheaper than anywhere in the western world. This is largely due to China’s cheap labor costs and their access to an abundance of resources.
You can often find products, such as the above, listed for almost half of the price from a supplier in China than Amazon.
The reason for this is you are buying further up the supply chain when buying from China. So it’s very likely that the product from this Amazon or Lazada or Shopee retailer had passed hands several times before it got to them.
How dropshipping work
#1 step
Find the online products you want to sell from the ADiBuys or others website.
#2 step
We help you purchasing, inspecting goods or following customer requirements.
#3 step
We help you deliver the goods to your global customer's address.