Terms of Service of ADiBuys

Last updated Aug 12, 2018

1. ADiBuys only provides you with the shopping agent service for purchasing products on the specified third-party E-commerce platform in China. If the loss is caused by the customer's choosing the wrong product, size, color, etc.,or is caused by the seller, we do not assume any responsibility. For protecting the interests of customers, we are happy to help you coordinate with sellers.

2. The products displayed on the ADiBuys platform are all products linked to domestic third-party shopping platforms, such as Taobao, TMall, 1688, JD, Pinduoduo, etc.ADiBuys are not sold directly.Therefore, in the case of violations related to the product, all liabilities arising therefrom shall be borne by the relevant third-party platform and seller.

3. ADiBuys has no policy to support purchasing products that are prohibited importing and infringing. ADiBuys is not responsible for the possible risks and legal consequences like quality issues, copyright infringement and prohibited importing. For protecting your benefits,ADiBuys will inspect the product multiple times and communicate with you, providing after-sales assistance during the procedure.

4. ADiBuys offers free product inspections to help customers reduce the number of faulty products that received from Chinese sellers.
Inspecting quantity of products: If the quantity of each product exceeds 200 pieces, we will not recalculate the quantity, but we will confirm the quantity with the seller If all products are not received, we will do our best to help coordinate with the seller,and keeping in touch with the customer.
If the purchased product are small products with many types and small quantities, such as paper labels and hairpins, we only count the total number of products. Do not check the style and color of the product.
Inspecting color of products: Because of the color difference between the product and the product picture online, if the product color is the same hue, such as light blue and dark blue, we will consider it blue, and we will not open the inner package of the products to inspect.
Inspecting quality of products: We only check the appearance of products,the performance and material of products can not be inspected, sach as, the performance of electrical equipment and appliances, whether shoes and clothes are durable and so on.
5. Products Disclaimer
a. All types of glass, ceramic, tile, glass and other fragile products.
b. Wooden furniture may be dented, broken, damaged or scratched in transit, including boxes that may have some dents.
c. Natural problem products,such as, moldy, rusted, faded, faded, etc.
d. The product has the slight damage, does not affect the use of the product.
e. Delays caused by shipping;Damage caused by force majeure and natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, storms, strikes, wars, etc.But ADiBuys will try to get the product to the customer as quickly as possible.
f. Pirated products,sauch as, products with labels and boxes bearing the words USA, UK, Korea, Japan and other countries.
g. Prohibited products, sach as, drugs, drones, various communications equipment, gems, COINS, currency, liquid food, plants, pets, weapons, compressed gas products, all flammable goods, sex toy products, tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, various gambling-related products.
6. The images of the product displayed on the ADiBuys platform may be different from the color of the product received by the customer,because the images online for the product has been decorated and ADiBuys will not be responsible for this.
7. ADiBuys reserves the right to change the ADiBuys terms of service without prior notice.
8. If the customer has made a purchase with ADiBuys platform, it will be considered that the customer agrees and accepts the above terms and conditions in all respects.