ADIBUYS Terms of Service

Last updated Aug 12, 2018

1. ADIBUYS is a platform that assists in the process of purchasing and importing products from China to customers. We do not have a role in directly selling products. Therefore, we cannot be held responsible for any damage to products from Chinese merchants or in cases where customers receive products that do not match the details ordered through our system. However, we will collaborate with Chinese merchants to protect the rights and benefits of our customers.

2. All products displayed on the ADIBUYS platform are linked from Chinese e-commerce platforms such as Taobao, Tmall, 1688, JD, Pinduoduo, etc. ADIBUYS does not directly sell these products. Therefore, in cases of issues with these products, the responsibility lies with the relevant sellers on the respective platforms.

3. ADIBUYS does not support products that are prohibited for import or infringe upon copyrights. We are not liable for any damage that arises from such products.

4. The process of inspecting and receiving products from the merchants involves the following steps:
Checking the Quantity: ADIBUYS staff will verify the quantity of products based on invoices or shipping labels. If these documents are missing, we will count the items and not inspect the quantity in cases where the order exceeds 200 pieces. However, we will confirm the quantity with the merchant. If the customer receives fewer items, ADIBUYS cannot be held responsible if the quantity is incomplete.
For small-sized items such as jewelry, paper tags, or hairpins that you have ordered, it is sufficient to either count the total quantity of the products or confirm the quantity with the store. There is no need to verify the style or color of the products.
Checking Product Color: ADIBUYS considers the color of a product correct if it falls within the same color tone. The color check will not involve opening the packaging. We will assess the color from the received images only.
Checking Product Quality: ADIBUYS does not inspect the quality of all product types. For instance, we do not inspect electronic components that do not work, shoes or clothing that do not match the order, or the style of footwear and clothing to match the received images 100%.
5. Products not covered by ADIBUYS' responsibility include:
a. Fragile products prone to breakage, such as glass, ceramics, or products with glass or ceramic components, e.g., water bottles.
b. Furniture or wooden items that might have scratches or minor breakages, or damaged packaging.
c. Products susceptible to natural issues like mold, rust, fading, or deterioration.
d. Slightly damaged packaging that doesn't affect the usability of the product.
e. Delays due to various reasons, including holidays, customs inspections, natural disasters, etc. While we strive for timely delivery, we cannot be held liable for delays.
f. For products that infringe upon copyright, such as items like product boxes or paper tags bearing the words "Made in USA," "UK," "KOREA," "JAPAN," "THAILAND," or names of other countries.
g. For products prohibited for import, such as medications, drones, all types of communication devices, precious gemstones, banknotes, coins, liquid foods, plant species, pets, weapons, products containing compressed gases, all types of wireless devices, adult entertainment products, all types of tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, and all types of gambling-related items.
6. Process for addressing product issues:
a. Customers should provide photos of the product and submit a complaint within 5 days of receiving the product. If this timeframe is exceeded, we reserve the right to assess the complaint.
b. The inspection and resolution process may take around 5-15 business days, depending on the nature of the issue and communication with the Chinese merchant. We will assist in the resolution process to the best of our ability.
c. Customers are responsible for costs and arrangements to return products to the Chinese merchant if necessary. ADIBUYS will act as an intermediary in coordinating this process, as we facilitate purchasing and importing rather than owning the products.
7. Images of products displayed on the ADIBUYS platform may be enhanced for aesthetics and advertising purposes, and might not accurately represent the received products. ADIBUYS is not responsible for any discrepancies in this regard.
8. ADIBUYS reserves the right to modify the terms of service without prior notice.
9. Placing an order with ADIBUYS implies the customer's acceptance and agreement to all the terms and conditions mentioned above.